How to use a fresh Aloe Vera plant

Aloe-vera - a skin friendly houseplant is just our speed! Perfect in a pinch for minor cuts and sunburns it's the skincare junkie's pet!  

What you will need

a cutting board and a sharp knife  

Step 1

Pluck a leaf of the plant as close to the stem as possible. Wash it and lay it flat on the cutting board. 

Step 2

Slice both ends and trim the spiny edges of the leaf. You will be left with a layer of thick gel sandwiched between layers of tough skin.  

Step 3  

Hold the leaf and carefully slice the waxy top layer of the skin from the gel. Set aside the Aloe skin. 

Step 4

Place a clean paper towel and flip over the leaf and slice the base of the skin as well. You'll have a clear, nearly translucent piece of Aloe gel!  

Step 5

Now the world's your Aloester - you can blend the Aloe gel into a smoothie or you can apply this pure gel slice on your skin - it's a bit slithery by let that soothing juice soak in and do its thing to soothe minor minor skin irritations - Voila! 

It's all natural and super-helpful but don't apply this on an open wound and avoid it if you're using hydrocortisone.