Teacharged Beauty

Ah tea so potent for the soul and the skin...

  1. Hydration —all good things start from within and while hydration doesn’t help skin directly it’s crucial to overall health and that is all about skin —  tea counts toward daily hydration requirements which are different based on the weather, exercise and how spicy your food tastes. Tea is a more indulgent than water.
  2. Slendresse- Take a green tea supplement since I do not know if we have it in us to drink as much green tea as the Okinawa.
  3. Caffeination but moderated — Consider eschewing all coffee and drink black tea all day — the strongest Sri Lankan or Nilgiris leaf in the morning when one needs all the caffeine one can get — in the afternoon and mid-morning a more flavourful fruity Harney blend like Paris that is clearly the American imitation of Mariage Freres’ sublime Marco Polo.
  4. Polyphenols- And just before sleeping consider a white tea with rose petals to ease into Lethe sleep- the uncured, unfermented leaves have the most skin-friendly polyphenols.
  5. Eye-soothing Compresses — Take the muslin tea-bags left over from an afternoon of Mariage Freres tea and put them in the fridge and when taking a disco nap continue the cooling indulgence.
  6. Faux-tea fun — Drink a lot of tea that’s not even tea — the herbs like this Teapigs Licorice and Peppermint also Fennel tea and Nettle tea and occasionally Valerian tea to help you sleep.