Skin's microbiome FAQ

What's the Skin's microbiome? 

The skin's microbiome is the mix of bacteria, yeasts, and parasites all microorganisms that live on your skin. It sounds gruesome but we are a super-organism and a robust and diverse microbiome is as crucial to general health and well-being as any other organ.

What does it help with?

The microbiome aids in wound healing, limits exposure to allergens and UV radiation, minimizes oxidative damage and helps to keep the skin barrier intact and well-hydrated.

What's endangering the skin's microbiome? 

The skin is under constant assault from environmental agents, harsh cleansers and soaps, deodorants, and even medications and cosmetics. An obsession with a sterile ideal is destroying the microbiota balance on the skin - a classic example of a ingredient is triclosan found in anti-perspirants - anti-bacterial in general - it's contributing to making bacteria resistant to anti-biotics and may increase skin-cancer and break down in the presence of UV radiation. 

What can you do? 

The most important thing to do is prevent antibiotic overuse and choose natural antimicrobials and antifungal ingredients like sandalwood that are selective in the impact they have on skin's bacteria and are not hoovering up all the good bacteria. Sweating is a great step in renewing the microbiome as it serves as a prebiotic. Get a bit dirty but clean up with minimalist clean beauty products that can interact with the microbiome.