Skin-friendly Chocolate

The most important reason skin is an accurate indicator of general health is that it is the last organ to receive nutrition so the state of the skin if healthy and radiant is a decent heuristic for good nutrition.

There are 4 main food groups that aren't the best for skin according to Dr. Nigma Talib - dairy, sugar, alcohol and gluten. Of these fair and sugar are key to good chocolate which is key to a good life so here's an incredibly easy way to enjoy skinfriendly chocolate- 


Cacao butter - any will do but seek out undeodorised butter  - 1 measure

Unsweetened cocoa powder- organic preferable  - half measure

Stevia - liquid stevia makes things easier  - to taste

Lavender essence - a few drops 


Bain-marie- this is nothing special just a glass bowl in a flat pan of boiling water 

Silicone mold 


Grate cacao butter - this is not strictly necessary but it makes things faster - and just grate it into the glass bowl on a food scale so the measure is clear

Put in the cocoa powder and the stevia 

Place in Bain-marie and stir until it's a lovely liquid 

Put in the lavender essence in the end 

Ladle into the silicon mold and pop into the freezer for 10 minutes

This is not going to win any golden whisks but if you're into clean eating and skin friendly treats - it will definitely hit the spot. Enjoy!