Skin-care during Seasonal Allergies

Good skin is always in season and here is how one can optimally take care of skin during allergy season.

  1. Eye-care — you have to beef up eye-care as it’s not merely itchy eyes that are an issue but nasal congestion causes blood to pool under the eyes suggesting dark circles. Always wear sunglasses or glasses when outdoors. This is the first layer of protection, then saline washes on a regular basis and soak extra-soft facial cotton in ice-cold water and place them on both eyes. Eye-makeup especially kohl and eyeliners and mascara are all best-avoided and little-missed with stylish glasses. Regarding eye-drops — avoid anti-histamine laden drops and use simple drops to mitigate redness. But rubbing the delicare area around the eyes is a horrible idea and the most important thing is to mitigate the avoidable irritation as much as possible. It’s also best to lay off any exfoliating treatments on fragile skin in this most insufferable of seasons.
  2. Sun-care- it feels lovely to walk around in the balmy spring weather.   Still wearing a hat is doubly relevant in allergy season as frequently sneezing wipes off sunscreen and also it can prevent the pollen or other airborne allergens from getting entangled in your hair that you could just drag indoors. Be contrarian among sun-loving pals — you’ll be doing their skin a favour as well as your own but walking on the shady side of the street — hitting a museum on a pollen-heavy day than a sculpture garden and enforcing good sun habits when the temptation to gambol in the sunshine is at its absolute peak.
  3. Showering — the best way to mitigate allergies is to shower regularly as we tend to track outdoor allergens indoors — it maybe tempting to take long baths but quick cold showers wash off the pollen quite effectively and keep one’s home a less irritating environment for the skin. Also since one’s tolerance for fragrances is lower in spring allergy season — god forbid smelling any roses ☺ — showers liberate one from the scents of the street. But the increased need to shower means it’s just more essential that the cold water rules are observed more carefully.
  4. Dial back Skingredients — watch what you eat. Allergies come with their own rules — the good skingredients like almonds and apples can wreak havoc during allergy season to people with tree pollen allergies — this is a very recent discovery but the realisation that food that is usually good for you can be dangerous when your immune system feels under attack suggests that Spring is a perfect season to try an elimination diet. But some skingredients like Magnesium and Fish Oil help the situation. It can be hard to digest the idea that what is usually good for you can be suboptimal in allergy season but it’s about listening to your body and tuning into how it feels now.