Daily Boldness

Of all admirable attributes boldness is the most compelling. For sheer drama of overcoming fear it is the scrappy cousin of confidence that is the holy grail of mental states. But boldness is different - it involves acting in spite of fear of failure or ridicule and other mental cobwebs. Boldness serves women in particular - as a gender women's confidence lags its abilities and women wait too long to act.

The real problem is often it is only through imperfect action that you can build the enviable muscle of confidence. So it is more important that you are bold in little ways so you are ready when life demands bold action from us - at work, in love or for justice because the right time will never be the perfect time but you will still be comfortable enough in your skin to turn adversity to your advantage. 

The best place to build the boldness muscle is the gym - unless you're a professional athlete or fitness professional for weekend warriors the gym is a safe, low-risk environment to explore your fuzzy boundaries to further them. If you play out your time working out as a dress rehearsal for life you can take chances, give it your best, explore just outside your comfort zone and get more comfortable in your skin to take chances in the real world. The mind and body reinforce each other and feeling stronger physically boosts mental strength and deciding to be stronger mentally stretches your physical ability. Boldness is the best muscle you'll ever build.