Makeup artistry is admirable but not for everyone especially the anti-makeup activists. The Beautyfool lies in between who makes it up as she goes along. I am this woman - interested in big skincare and happy in small makeup and this is how I  feel ready to take on the world. Everything I do has to be foolproof and under a minute. 

a slap of sunscreen to moisturize and prime 

a smudge of kohl to define my eyes 

a swipe of tinted lip balm to make my lips less peely 

a dash of finishing powder to fight shine 

a spritz of rosewater to keep it all together  

then when going all out I add before the finishing powder 

a dab of highlighter on the inside of the eyes  

a pinch of blush on the apples of cheeks 

Anything more and I feel like someone else and I frankly feel naked wearing anything less and that I feel is the right point to stop with makeup when you still feel like you.