The secret logic of Gym Selfies

Does it seem incredibly vain or simply futile to try to look your best when you workout? Well not if it makes you work out harder and better. There maybe more logic behind the quest for a gym selfie we realise even if it seems initially counterproductive to expect to look good while you sweat it out. Scientists at Northwestern University looked into an idea they call "enclothed cognition" - the sense that the clothing a person wears can trigger mental changes that positively affect performance - people wearing lab coats performed attention related tasks better not merely because of the physical experience of wearing the clothes but the symbolic meaning of these clothes. Simply put - appearances matter since they orient your attention to the matter at hand. 

This applies to your workout clothes and makeup - wearing them primes you to be more active and take your workouts seriously. You actually show up for your workout -  ready to work for what matters to you now - strength, stamina, stretchiness or good old-fashioned stress-relief. It is only human that you respond to positive reinforcement - from others and ourselves and there is pride in hard work in life or in the gym. And looking your best and taking pleasure in your work out sets you up for success and makes it easier to work hard! Because hard work is non-negotiable.  

Every thing of beauty has a ton of blood sweat and tears behind it and your body understands this even subconsciously. And everything you do matters -you instinctively know the work you have done wholeheartedly are more rewarding independent of the results. Respecting and supporting yourself while you are working hard at the gym is a good idea because it is a safe place to practice working hard so you can go out and be bold at work, in relationships and even in political convictions.

Now there, you can run off knowing your cute gym look is constructed for a good cause!