Press Coverage

Cluny Embroidery Centre has been a Pondicherry landmark since the late 18th century. It's still fun to rediscover through fresh eyes. 


Financial Times, December 2013

Visit the Cluny Embroidery Centre in the Rue Romain Rolland where, if you can persuade the nuns to open their doors, you can buy hand-embroidered tablecloths, napkins, pillowcases and the like. - Lucia van der Post


Wall Street Journal, August 2013

The St. Joseph of Cluny Convent's embroidery shop is another Pondicherry institution, run by Roman Catholic nuns to help women in need. Entering the gates of this lovely old mansion, I felt as though time had stopped. Women sat stitching under the whirling fans. I bought my mother some tea towels very finely embroidered with elephants. You can also give the sisters your own designs—though such projects might take them a few months to finish. - John Robshaw


Condé Nast Traveller, May 2016

The most enchanting find is the Cluny Embroidery Centre (Romain Rolland Street; 0413 233 5669), a gorgeous 18th-century mansion where women bend their heads over pieces of lace, their needles working nimbly, while old tunes drift out of a transistor radio. Choose from among intricately embroidered bed linen, tablecloths and handkerchiefs.- Olympia Shilpa Gerald